~ Activities ~


Foot Clinic
The Foot Clinic is provided to the community as a whole and is available to a wide range of ages, typically seeing 40 clients each clinic day.  Toenails are trimmed and feet are checked for any health issues that might be showing.  The clinic fee is $25 for the first visit and $20 for each successive visit.    Clinics are held on the first and second Thursdays of each month by reservation. 

Hearing Clinic
The Hearing Clinic is held on the third Tuesday of each month, and provides a space to out-of-town audiologists to see patients, so they won’t have to travel out of the area for care.

Massage Clinic
The Massage is a newer service that provides seniors with a less expensive massage. Massage Clinics are held on the second Tuesday of each month.

Blood Pressure Clinic
Blood Pressure Clinics are provided by Central Montana Medical Center (CMMC) and the Fergus County Nurses Office.  CMMC provides blood pressure checks on the second Friday of each month throughout the year.  In the winter months, the county nurses provide additional blood pressure check times.  

Educational Classes
Educational classes vary widely and can include everything from AARP driving instruction and courses to nutrition classes and programs.  Cards, bingo, exercise programs and special trips are a part of every week at FCCOA. 

On the third Wednesday of each month we have a birthday party during lunch, celebrating all whose birthdays are that month.


Dining Room Lunch
Monday- Friday
12:00- 1:00pm

Central Montana Shuttle
Monday- Friday
7:00am- 5:45pm

Billings Shuttle
Weekly on Tuesday

Great Falls Shuttle
Weekly on Thursday

Treasure Depot
Monday- Friday
10:00am- 4:00pm
10:00am- 2:00pm